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THE WORKS OF BIGELOW are artistic creations produced by WILLIE RONNIE BIGELOW.  Ronnie, as he is commonly known, has a very warm and lively personality which is personified in his work.  His artistic style is primarily oils consisting of an ethic flair depicting real life expressions.  Objectives shared include enhancing, exposing, and sharing his artistic abilities with all people.

Ronnie's determination to reach his artistic objectives, keep his free time engrossed in his work.  His studio is located in his back yard in Durham , North Carolina .  You will find Ronnie creating, sketching, drawing, painting or just thinking in his studio.

He has achieved recognition and awards for his artistic works from Duke University , where he is also employed.  Ronnie feels he has let a lot of time lapse already and has some “catching up to do”.  Nevertheless, once you see his work, you will never forget the name of the man behind, “THE WORKS OF BIGELOW.”

Ronnie offers his services. Single potraits, group images, pets potraits, or original art work hand painted and complete with signed Certificate of Authenticity. For more information or a price quote, please contact Ronnie today!